New Job Pressure…Quit?

I understand when you start a new job it can be daunting and it can be a challenge.

But is it normal to feel like you want to give up?

Is it normal to feel like your not learning fast enough?

Is it normal that you feel stressed out after your first week?

The constant need to make sure your impressing your employers?

The need to make sure you are on top of your game?

Ending with you feeling like you just want to quit and find another Job!!!

Everything and more above is nothing but pressure. It’s my 8th day into a new supervisory role job and I feel like I haven’t made a impact, I haven’t made a massive change within the company.
What iv been told stop thinking negatively, no one expects you to run the company, no one expects you to come in on your first week and solve all the company issues.

Yet that’s how you feel…?

You have to well I guess I have to remember, everything takes time. You have to be able to learn the ground work before you can make changes. You have to learn the basics of a new company before you make all the changes. You need to gain the support and trust of the new team before you tell them of all the new ways things at work will be done.

Guess the point is to remind everyone and myself that added pressure to yourself will only end badly with mind, health and work life.

Breathe, take it day by day and slowly write down what you would like to develop and improve at work and when the time is right make it happen.

Remember  there is no rush, just knowing your own patience and process of learning.



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