Wardrobe Clear out

So Recently I had a the biggest clear out of my life, I basically threw away my whole wardrobe… well nearly all of it.

For some reason I decided today was the day I was going to finally clear out my wardrobe that was full of clothes I never wore.

This wasn’t a chore like some people may think , clearing out my wardrobe is quite therapeutic I like having a clean organised wardrobe.

The reason for the clear out is being its now Spring, everything in my wardrobe was so dark coloured, Navy, Grey, black and Burgundy all winter shades.

So I made it easy for myself I took everything out of my wardrobe and went through every piece of clothing one by one.

Rule – If I haven’t worn it in the last 6 Months … it Goes to Charity.

Now as I was going through everything I realised there where brand new items with tags still on that I had not worn and after looking at them did not want to wear which made me realise I’m buying clothes that I don’t really like… WASTING MONEY!!!

Second… I had 4 jumpers in the colour Burgundy,  5 Navy Shirts, 3 jumpers in Grey… it goes on.

No one need 5+ Tops in the same colour it’s just not necessary especially if they all look identical.

So I started by putting all of the clothes in the charity pile and keeping a top in 1 of each colour only and only ones I knew I would wear.

Doing this turned my Wardrobe which used to be cluttered now spacious and organised.

Now I know I’ve read on other blogs and seen on YouTube of a capsule wardrobe and it looks like a great idea to follow but me, I cant do it. I need variety, I need options so I’m sticking to a new RULE for my wardrobe … One in and One out.

If I see a top in Blue, I will have to decide if I should buy it based on what Blue top I can take out of my wardrobe to give away and replace it with the new top I want. Also if it is different enough from what I already have. This way I don’t fall back into the same pattern of buying 5 of the same clothing items again.

The last task of a Wardrobe Clear out realise your colour you have to much of. If its darks remember when you go shopping not to buy anything dark. For myself I refuse to buy anything in a dark shade. If I want to buy an item whether it be Jeans, Shirt, Tee, Blouse or Shoes they have to be light in colour, bright in colour which I don’t already have.

So I guess the point of this post is to help you realise you don’t need all the clothes in the world. Just stick to a wardrobe rule that works best, like the rule of one in and one out so you don’t end up with a over crowded wardrobe of items you never wear because there’s just to many.



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