Travel… One Wish

You could pick any country…Where do you go…?

Me: Australia.

Why: Live on a beach and wake up to a crazy view everyday.

Where in Australia would I visit…?

  1. Kangaroo Island – I looked it up and yes its actually an island with kangaroos now that is something I have to see for myself. Not just Kangaroos, there are also Koalas, Wallabies, and Birds. So really it would be you stepping into the home of animals one crazy experience. While visiting the island of animals you also get to take amazing pictures which for me would me a plus with the breathtaking scenery from cliffs, rills of farmlands which all sound Instagram worthy.


2.Byron Bay – Rule one, you cant go to Australia and not attempt to surf. Bryon Bay perfect place to get in your water sports. First thing I would do, get a surf board (I cant surf never have) and attempt to surf or just lay on it and float in the ocean. Now imagine you can surf and just go for it or at least try and then opt for easy yoga on the beach to the sunrise (beats doing yoga in a boring gym.)

bryon bay

3.Blue Mountain – One thing Britain or shall I say London doesn’t have, that is Mountains somewhere to climb up to and get that OMG view. So go where there is one blue mountain walk or shall I say trek up the mountains in a forest and aim to get to the top for a view you don’t get to see everyday.

blue mountain

4) Bondi Beach, Sydney Opera house, Neighbours Set (if that’s allowed) and Sydney Harbour Bridge. These being the more obvious tourist spots that everyone knows about. A lot of what I would do is activity based I mean I would happily lay on a beech but id rather explore.

Where would you go…?






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