Someone told me they needed a career. They were sick of the constant dead end jobs they had no interest in. What was that persons to a difficult point in life… Answer was to go back to university to do a course. A subject they believe they are interested in and most likely in some sense are interested in.

The thing with this is when a person feels lost, not knowing what there career path is, where to begin, where to put all there efforts and time in, they can get lost along the way.

For someone who skipped university and went straight into working, you can begin to think that was the mistake. So your lost and what do you decide… to go back to university, believing that is what will help you get the chapter you missed out on in life. Thinking university will give you the great career you dream for.

Yes for some people university is the building of a career. Yes I believe those are for people who either go into university knowing the career they want.

Think about it university isn’t cheap, only you can honestly know if going back to university is for you or not. If you do decide it then I hope you do your full research on it and have a 5 year plan sorted. Plan having what you will study, what work experience, internships you will do. The experience you need towards your course so you leave university with a  job in the field you want. Also a career progression planned out of how you will grow in your career to get the best out of the time you put into your university degree for all those 3+ years.

So my advice as someone who went to university, do it if its what you completely believe is for you, but have your plan ready. However if I could redo life I wouldn’t have gone to university.  I know I could have gained more productive hands on experience for those 3 years learning what I was really passionate about, rather than essays and exam. I did enjoy university and I did enjoy the work I did. I graduated feeling proud that I had done it but I left with no career goal.

So my personal advice take it or not, agree with it or not, find your career in your own time and once you have it make a plan of it.

(P.S I love giving advice whether it works or not is another story. But when it comes to giving advice, I’m no therapist or psychologist if I could I would but I’m not. I choose to put out what I think and give advice if its needed here as my outlet of helping.)

If anyone has anything they want advice on I’m happy to help, leave a comment below. However just remember I’m no expert, but I am what I believe someone who tries to give good advice :-).



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