Say YES to being HAPPY

Okay so this post is about doing what makes you happy. Why I’m writing about this, because I did something that made me happy.

I had been looking at buying the Prada Saffioano Leather Cross-Body Bag bag for ages, months and months. Those months were spent pretty much arguing with myself saying. “You don’t need another bag”, ” Your meant to be saving your money not wasting it”, “You don’t need another small bag”, “You could save your money for the future”.

But… a week ago I was thinking and said fuck it. I want this bag it makes me happy so why shouldn’t I buy the bag. The money have I have I earned myself, I worked hard for it so why should I be able to treat myself. (FYI not saying waste your whole life savings on bags spend within reason)

So I did I bought the most beautiful Prada bag which as soon I opened the box I loved it and had no regrets about buying it. The bag is the perfect red spring, summer,Autumn and Winter pop of colour you need to make any outfit. Well worth the money.

The point of this post isn’t about buying a bag, its about doing more to membered to always say yes to what makes you happy. Whether that’s going on more holidays, spending more time with friends or family, having quality time on your own to lounge and just watch TV, read a book, go on a bike ride or go for drinks.

Point is life can be short,long, unstable at times and well always uncertain so why not use the hours, days, months and years you have to make sure you are always happy with what your doing with the people your with and with what you want.

Always treat yourself.




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