It’s Your Own Fault

OK Firstly you don’t have to agree with what I say, not everyone will. Also this isn’t me going against guys I’m just talking from my experience or from experiences I’ve head from my mates.

One thing I’ve been listening and noticing is from one of my friends situation. she likes a guy, they are in a some what called a relationship but he constantly lies to her and with just one argument he says he is happy without her and they break up. But then with just one word from him she falls for it and goes back to him.

I won’t say that’s dumb because we have all done it, including myself. We have all done the whole forgive and forget when it comes to relationships but when do you stop being stupid and wake up to reality. Which is the person your seeing just does not care about you and you need to say no, you deserve better.

I’m writing this post because I’m tired of saying to my mates stop falling for it, he’s lying to you, he’s saying what you want to hear.

Yes if the guy is lying and being lets just say a dickhead and all it takes for you to forgive him is for him to say some fake caring words then really who’s the one to blame. First time the guy second time the guy but third,fourth,fifth time sorry but its yourself for letting yourself fall for the same old crap.

I don’t know if this is even helpful but I had to write it because I guess I’m just tired of people I know doing the same shit and helping others made me realise I used to do the same thing but now I can’t imagine doing that again.

You experience, you learn and you can only help others if they want it that is, we all need to make our own mistakes to know what is right and wrong.





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