Advice Give or Take…?

ADVICE… This is something we all GIVE, ASK for and LISTEN to but whether we actually follow through with the advice is another thing.

For myself, I gave advice, I took advice and only this year I actually followed through with the advice. My whole life I would give it out and listen to it but not always follow through but now I have and I feel better for it.

So my basic advice  I think everyone should or at least attempt to follow or even consider taking are…

(1) Stop giving a shit about what other people think or say.

(2) Stop stressing over everything in your life, enjoy your life if your not happy do something about it whether that’s something small or big.

(3) Live your life the way you want and not how someone else wants or expects you to.

(4) Don’t feel bad about how different your life is to someone else whether that’s a friend or a family member.

(5) Always have a back up plan, as much as people say live life to the fullest yes you should but don’t go quitting your job and travelling the world unless you have the money, people say money doesn’t buy you happiness but it does by you food, clothes and a place to live.

So from this you take…

Who gives a shit its your life live it the way you want to. Do what makes you happy and if people are really the good people you believe then they will support and be there for you with no judgement.

So live your life but of course sensibly, you need fun in your life you need a job in your life to fund the fun and you need laughter to always remind you how happy you are with YOUR LIFE.



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