Unlimited bags…I wish…Not!

So here’s the thing, I love shopping online for bags, STOP that doesn’t mean I buy every single one even though I want to. It just means I can appreciate a nice well designed bag that I think I would love to have one day.

But… lets get one thing straight. As much as I love the idea of having a whole room full of bags that’s not ideal.

What do I want..?

I want a few good designer bags I can continue to use everyday and be able to sell to make space for new bags.

Yes I have a wish list of bags that can go on forever but reality of it that would cost a crazy amount of money and sorry but I cannot justify spending all the money in the world on bags.

But I have started to collect bags but only ones I would wear on a daily basis and can afford to buy.

I first stated out with KATE SPADE love there bags really affordable got 3 of there’s all different types.

After which I moved onto more designer and my first ever designer bag was the YSL Blogger bag which I have had for over 4 months and I love it and wear it everywhere.


Yves Saint Laurent Blogger Bag (Black)


However the list of bags I want is growing.

Bags I would one day love to buy.

What’s your dream bag?



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