What’s your Scent…?

How many Perfumes do you own…?

I grew up buying so many different perfumes liking a very few and not liking a lot. I’m what I would say a picky, very picky person when it comes to things I like from perfumes, clothes even to food. I don’t know why.

About a year ago I realised there was no need to have a whole dressing table full of perfumes. No one needs 10 different perfumes. I thought I did. I was wrong.

Its only been  would say about 2 years since I found my perfume… MY SCENT. The one scent I can wear all year round and love it without getting bored or wanting to change it and I’m shocked I found it.

When I started wearing it and to this day I always get complemented on the scent by friends and by strangers.( yes strangers weird but they know when they smell something nice I guess).


Okay I won’t lie I do have one more perfume that is CHANEL – CHANCE EAU TENDRE.

This one is more of a Spring/Summer scent but I haven’t worn it at all since finding the D&G perfume but its just as good and will start using it again this year.

Point is I finally found my scent, my perfume, a scent that is me and I love it. It means I don’t have to keep buying or smelling perfumes to find the one.

Just to put it out there I cant promise I wont buy another perfume ever but if I do it would take a pretty amazing perfume to beat the one I love, one that I will forever wear.

Leave a comment below of what your perfume scent is ..!





2 thoughts on “What’s your Scent…?

  1. I’ve been using the rasasi “emotion” for a few years and it’s been kinda like my “my scent” kinda scent but I’ve been having second thoughts and feeling if I need to find something that is more kinda “me”-ish..

    I love this post! ✌

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