Going Offline!

So, I haven’t posted in a while think about a week and a bit. Firstly no this is not because I gave up on blogging, I didn’t get bored and I didn’t get lazy.

I just went OFFLINE for a bit.

You feel you need a break because you haven’t done anything new, your doing the same thing everyday and when  you are currently unemployed as I am applying to jobs everyday it can get tiring and REPETITIVE.

So the best way to break that slump of feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything is to help yourself by taking a BREAK. Whether its a holiday abroad, an adventure with your friends or visiting family for a while.

Well I got like that a week ago so I did what I wanted which was take a break so I did. I went away to visit my family for a week.

The result of it… best thing I had done for myself.  I stayed offline and just spent the entire time doing something different and not stressing about finding a job, about going out every night and feeling like I haven’t done anything.

So I did it and now I’m back.

I do feel like I’m starting new but at the same time I want to go back because I guess when you go away for a bit and come back you realise the reality which is your life which can suck and sometimes being away helps you forget that.

However going away made me realise I need to go visit my family more, get serious about finding a job but doing more of what I love which is blogging and just doing me.

So I am, I will carry on living the reality of my life but I will go away more often to get some head space and to recharge my mind.

If it works why not do it.  There really is no point living your life in a repetitive cycle if it doesn’t help you accomplish anything.

So do something different help yourself, make a change in what you do to feel good about yourself, about what you do  and about what you want to do and from there go and do it.





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