Clear Your Mind…Part 2

The Main reason for me writing part 2 to my Clear your mind post was to tell you one of the many reason why I started my blog. Why… Something in me changed after I read a book. Yes a book made me realise what I wanted to change not a drunk night out of regrets but a simple basic book.

So let me try and make it into a story, I was at kings cross station waiting to get my train to Newcastle, when I thought I’m going to get bored on the train I might as well get some snacks so of course I go to the chocolate aisle first get a Galaxy Bar and a bag of Doritos (the blue ones) and a bottle of water. then I realised all I had done was buy food nothing to kill time on the train so I went to the book aisle and saw so many books and didn’t know what  book to pick up. what I did know was I didn’t want another fairytale fiction book, iv read enough of those growing up, didn’t want a foodie book that would have just made me crave so many different type’s of food. so I was looking over just like the other people stood near me, then I saw it, I saw the book. what made me get this specific book.

The Title of the book is ‘Get Your Sh**t Together by Sarah Knight.


Don’t worry I’m not about to give it a book review, I’m sure theirs loads of other blogs out there that might have already.

Why did this book help me so much, because its basically a random person (or I guess you could imagine it as someone you know) telling you how to get your shit together. there isn’t any sugar coating in the way things are said in the book its just straight forward, direct honesty.

This book I can honestly say opened up my mind to the world, it taught me to care less about little annoying things in life you believe you cannot change or control. It tells you to stop being lazy, stop saying you cant or you will do it later AND for once just do it. However you work, however you do things just do them get your shit together and achieve what you want because as everyone says at the end of the day no one is going to do it for you.

So I’ll just to try and keep it short and shut up if its boring you now but my points of the post was to let whoever reading this post know anything can make you change in the way you think and do, and for me within that specific moment of time it was this book. Reading this book made me realise it was about time I stopped thinking about what I wanted to do and just do it.

Control how you think, control your mind to not overthink, over analyse everything in a negative way, allow yourself to be happy and if you struggle, allow yourself to find ways in which you can achieve and be proud and successful about yourself.

SO YOU TRY… Get your Shi*t Together.

 I did and Here I am.



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