What are you doing Right Now?

Ever wondered what the people you walk past everyday do as a career… I do.

You think you can just look at a person and tell he works in sales or she works as a doctor.

This thought probably comes from myself not knowing what i want as a career a real steady future career path… but iv learned not to stress about it anymore… I think.

This is what amazes me about careers… the fact that its different for everyone.

Everyone may all start out the same…Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School, College and University (sometimes the last one is missed by some). But to the point a lot of people go in and leave knowing exactly what they want to do… and that Baffles me.

Yes People say select a career in something you enjoy, something your passionate about…well i enjoy watching TV and I’m passionate about….(now that I’m thinking i actually don’t know)

If your anything like me you say this a lot to people who ask the dreaded question What do you want to do… You reply…


You reading this could say, well you like writing shit, so make a career out of it.

This is where i tell you something i never told anyone. i tried making a career out of it .I made an attempt of writing a book (fictional of course) i sent it out to publishers and got nothing.

To be fair i might not have put all of my effort and time into it but at least i attempted it how many people reading this or out their can say they finished and sent out their first book.

So yes I may enjoy writing shit down on here and would love to walk into lets say WHSmith and see my book on the shelf but lets be realistic that’s a one in a million shot of happening. I’m not saying its never going to happen, I’m just saying it makes sense to have an actual job that brings in a monthly pay rather than living in a fairy tale land where everything you want comes true.

Dream for what you want but also live in reality.

So the point of this post other than it turning into a never ending ramble, I’m curious to know what every person I walk past does for a job.

Questions you could answer to make things interesting for me and yourself..

Whats your current job…?

Whats your dream job…?




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