Open-Diary NOT a Blog.

Lets clear one thing straight away…

This isn’t your typical Beauty blog, why it’s simple I don’t buy enough beauty products on a daily basis so a beauty blog wouldn’t really work and it’s not a Travel blog as I don’t travel enough why well simple that’s just too expensive.

(If I do like something or have something beauty/travel related to post I will just not as frequently as a professional would)

So let’s start Open-Diary.

Your probably thinking why…?

I wanted to create a space where I would write whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted for anyone to read.

It won’t hold my darkest deepest secrets, that would just be a bit to revealing but it will contain anything to what I’m thinking, what I want to be doing, what I wish I was doing and any in between stuff.

Just trying to decide what the first post should be wasn’t easy, in fact this is the second time I have had to type this.

The first time the website decided to crash on me and then my brain clicked duh… type it on word document and save it so you don’t loose everything you have typed. << Great example my posts will be of me rambling on a bit sometimes.

As I was saying, I made a blog (but I’m not calling it that, remember it’s just an open diary for the world to read). It wasn’t easy I had attempted to make it twice before, I struggled and gave up.

So why now well it’s a Friday I have nothing else to do and thought to myself while of course watching TV (Madame Secretary) which btw is a amazing TV show, so yes thought to myself why not, I’ve got the spare time so I did.

Here I am… (Saying that sounds so weird)

I don’t want my first post to be too long so I guess this will have a follow up soon of how I’m finding writing a Open-Diary, that’s if I’m back … fingers crossed I am.




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